Whatever your needs are, we have the
expertise to support you and your vision.

All your property needs
under one roof

With an impressive array of consulting, design, construction, and management capabilities in our tool kit, ORPI groups, and our sister brands provide an unmatched experience to owners, contractors, and other industry players. From projects still on the drawing boards to completed projects that expert witness support for various purposes, to representation in the commercial and residential market, there’s nothing that our team can’t achieve with commitment and passion for our clients.

General Construction

With a holistic, integrated, and strategic approach to the construction process, our General Contractor services in Puerto Rico are an excellent choice for owners looking for an efficient, timely, and on-budget solution to their new construction, remodeling or renovation needs.


Project Management & Inspections

At any point in the construction process, our team can advise on a variety of sub-projects or expertly oversee the complete program. From schematic evaluation to personnel, contract administration, to post-construction, or even design-assist, we can assist closely to help propel your project.



Trust our team of experts to provide insights and solutions that allow your team to make informed decisions and keep your projects moving forward with confidence and efficiency.


Property Management

Thinking about your tenants’ needs, we can anticipate problems and proactively develop solutions that help enhance their experience, maintain your property in excellent condition and provide long-term satisfaction for everyone in the commercial and multi-family residential ecosystem.


Real Estate

Our team of licensed realtors attentively cater to the sophisticated needs of commercial and residential clients by expertly representing your property alongside sellers, or assisting in an efficient hunt for buyers. We also provide project management for condominiums, commercial properties, and more.


Our integrated process and advanced technologies allow us to provide comprehensive services for projects of any scale while providing a great customer experience.

The ORPI Group difference

As a leading provider for consultancy services in the fields of construction, management, and real estate in Puerto Rico, we are proud to offer decades of experience in various facets that can truly benefit your project, by reducing errors, cutting risks, saving time, and ultimately improving your bottom line. A true partner in all things construction management, your success is ours.