General Construction

For all your general construction needs, ORPI Group can provide
innovative solutions for clients in a variety of industries.

General Construction

At ORPI Group, we know that the construction process is extremely detailed and can leave room for costly errors. Trust our team to guide you through each phase so that your experience is an informed, positive and successful one. We are committed to your budget, your design and your time line. Our team will provide the skills, management, and exceptionally trained tradesmen necessary to complete your project. We firmly believe that our company’s dedicated and exemplary hand-picked team will bring your vision to fruition.


Our vast experience in the field of construction and design allows us to develop solutions that are timely and efficient, but also creative, speaking directly to your unique needs. We believe that construction projects are not a one-size-fits-all endeavor.


High-quality work helps us set a high standard with our clients. From careful selection of vendors to safety standard compliance to the sourcing of quality materials, and equipment, we stand by our work with accountability and a commitment to value.


Our method allows for more effective communication and collaboration between the team members, creating value and building rapport and thus eliminating friction. At ORPI Group, our transparency lends itself to more accountability and more efficient use of the team member’s time and resources.

Sound construction practices, supported by years of technical expertise and excellent customer service, allow us to provide streamlined and efficient projects for a variety of occupancy needs.

A proven method for success

Our firm uses modern computerized systems such as “Web Base” and Grid Plan to effectively manage the documentation generated for each project and maintain effective communication between the different stakeholders involved. Our team is made up of professionals in management and/or inspection of construction projects, with vast experience in projects including office buildings, hospitals, industrial buildings, banking institutions, educational facilities, condominium services, cannabis dispensaries, “walk-up” housing development, etc.

The ORPI Group difference

As a leading provider for consultancy services in the fields of construction, management, and real estate in Puerto Rico, we are proud to offer decades of experience in various facets that can truly benefit your project, by reducing errors, cutting risks, saving time, and ultimately improving your bottom line. A true partner in all things construction management, your success is ours.