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Registered in the Commonwealth of PR in 2006, APMS, LLC is an entity with over 15 years of experience in the field of engineering, architecture, construction, planning, and administration with the end goal to provide its clients with the services of management and inspection by effective controls from the planning stage and budget to the beginning of the work, its development, closure, and final delivery of the project.

Define Scope and Set Goals

Outline of Technical Specs


Project Execution & Supervision

Post-Project Testing

A proven method for success

For many businesses, navigating the entire construction process and knowing who to trust can be overwhelming. At APMS, we simplify the process by listening, planning, executing, and continuing the relationship to expertly manage every aspect of your project. For our customer-focused team, relationships are the heart of what we do. We listen to our customers, hear their problems, and work collaboratively to bring innovative and efficient solutions that perfectly fit your scope.

Featured Projects

Insightful Construction Inspection services in Puerto Rico

Whether you are completing a property condition assessment for a commercial or multi-family residential project or need a structural evaluation of environmental concerns, we have the property inspection resource for you. The APMS team listens attentively to understand the scope for your inspection, and provides a customized experience to fit your priorities. With experience, diligence and clarity, we can provide insight to your project at any phase.


We believe in working smarter, not harder. With the best tools and experience to create streamlined experiences for our clients, our team can lead projects to their timeliest, most productive, and most cost-effective delivery.


Our approach to project delivery involves active engagement with the client to define a delivery methodology that meets the needs of the project and its specific context. We provide clarity every step of the way.


We take well-established principles of project management and apply them to the required approach. We ensure compliance with governance, reporting and business processes to establish an agreed optimal project delivery system for each project.

From the planning stages, to the delivery of complex projects, our team of expert project managers can manage all aspects of logistics, budget, scheduling, personnel and more, for the best possible outcomes.

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Regardless of project complexity – trust every aspect of planning, execution, and survey of your construction project to our expert team, and we will provide the visibility, efficiency, and excellent results your project and organization deserve.