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From architecture and engineering, to planning and administration, to construction and assessment, all your needs are met under one roof. 

Under the leadership of professionals with over five decades of experience, our team has successfully contributed to multiple facets of the construction workflow for top clients on the island. We can adapt to meet your organization’s top concerns.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our clients with the services of management and inspection using effective controls from the planning stage and budget to the beginning of the work, its development, closure, and final delivery of the project. We work closely with suppliers and subcontractors to perform effective delivery processes which include all related documentation guarantees and any preventive maintenance and training necessary to ensure uninterrupted operations.

Our Vision

Thanks to the dedicated service and wealth of experience from all our team members, we aim to become a leading resource for all owners, developers, and industry colleagues in the construction industry in Puerto Rico, providing the highest level of consulting, and serving as a trusted one-stop-shop for all commercial, institutional, and residential property needs. 

When it comes to your construction management needs, the ORPI Group family of brands is your top choice.

Our Brands

We are elevating the building process to new heights. As general contractors with experience and integrity we know how to get the job done right.

Our project management experts take a birds eye view of each endeavor. With a broad outlook we successfully manage everything from design to delivery.

Real Estate is about thinking for the client. As fluent speakers of the language of properties, we have the ability to take your needs as a seller or buyer and transform them into tangible results.

The wealth of insight into the building industry allows us to perform inspections, provide in-depth consultation, and give expert testimony for legal deliberations.

Our Team

Javier Rodríguez Mejias

Matilde Dávila Viera

Evelio Rodríguez Varela

Luis Bernard Ortiz

Liamnell Alvarez Martínez

Eduardo Meléndez Agosto

Yayma Vargas Toro

Joana Otero Otero

Brian Rodríguez Bonilla

Melvin Andino Morales

Ana M. Negron Rodríguez

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